yeah these are some example lines

if this is wrong, die drfiz

Dakota: *finishes applying makeup, and takes a ducklips selfie* This is sooo perfect for my television return! Aren't I beautiful, and adorable? :) 

Dakota: Ughhhh, isn't that dangerous? *folds arms* I don't think the Dakota fans will be too happy with her getting muddy hair!

Dakota: *cheers* That's sooo awesome! *looks into camera, and winks*

Dakota: I, Dakota Milton, can win this with no help! *looks at camera* Isn't that right? *camera moves up and down as if nodding*

Dakota: This heat is killing me. -_- *uses cell phone out of boredom*

Dakota: I always have a trick up my sleeves. ;)

Dakota: *glares at Anne Maria* Hey, don't be so jealous. >~>