• V.VonSchweetz

    (Beth is in her room standing in front of the camera.)

    Beth: Hi, my name is Beth and I would like to audition for Total Drama. Ahem.

    (Beth gets her baton and starts twirling it. It breaks the lightbulb lighting up her room and the screen goes dark. Footsteps are heard. Beth is now shooting the video in her backyard.)

    Beth: Okay, let's try this again.

    (Beth twirls the baton while talking.)

    Beth: I think it would be super fun to be on Total Drama 'cause I have superstar qualities, I'm really nice, and I would love to meet people who could maybe be my friends. 

    (The baton flies up in the air while Beth does a handstand. A tree branch is heard cracking, and it falls onto the camera. The camera is knocked down, thus ending the video.)

    Beth: I am soooo…

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