Celebrity Manhunt News (TDR Edition) 

Duncan Catching Food

Source: Alex's TDR blog Site

 New Episode Of "Total Drama Redemption" By Daniel Ordetz 

In the new episode of Total Drama Redemption,Izzy McGwore Heggar McKenice (21) was eliminated. We send a Reporter to help get a interview with Izzy. On the same topic Duncan has recently Interviewed by CCN, which a rumor has surfaced that Duncan makes Final 2. GO-Shows has replied with its CEO's Devon Parson, Nathan Wayne, and Garret Laramie Cigarette. Devon said "No I haven't heard a word about it". Duncan's Agent Revon Jock has also replied  "While I can't say if Duncan made final 2, I can tell you that the next episode of TDR will be intense, Watch Amy as she will turn the game upside down". 

Shawn and Samey "I WANT A BREAK UP" By Mari Gini Parolli 

After a fling in TDR,Shawn and Samey adopted a baby Guinea Pig nicknamed Bubbly Watts. After Samey cheated on
IMG 9977

Shawn's Weed problem has made Samey cry foul

Shawn with John Durant, Shawn broke up with Samey. But soon the two will battle over custody of Bubbly Watts. 


Duncan 2

Duncan sleeping at camp

Duncan hasn't just floated to the final 5. He used his quick wit, to make it this far. All though he hasn't gotten a vote yet this season which could turn people off the Duncan Vote.

Chance of Winning: 46%

Gwen Icon

Gwen might be a physical freak and the most alliance hungry contestant in the game. But she has done to much putting a target on her back.

Chance of Winning :34%

150px-Leaked Avatar (WM) - Amy



Amy could win on paper but honestly, she has a small change of winning as she is generally unlikable in the jury and with the rest of the finale 4. 

Chance of Winning: 13%

To Bet on Katie and Beth is literally trying to bet on the lottery 
Katie Icon

Chance of Winning Beth: 3.2%

Chance of Katie Winning: 3.8%