Okay I just did this randomly but whatever The episode starts good and is great throughout I love the challenge and Lindsay keeps on Using her short little quips to be funny Also Wth is a quips I dunno know i had a slight feeling that Heather wanted Cameron gone  but the only thing i dint like was some people not talking but still its 8.9 

Alejandro 6/10 Never really talked just said Bridgette.

Brick 7/10 I like this Brick more then Post merge TDROTI brick

Lightning 5.5/10 Yeah he was like Al

Courtney 7/10 did somewhat more but not really

Heather 9/10 She was great

Noah 7.5/10 Did more and was good

Scott 8/10 i liked his joke early on 

Anne Maria 7.5 to 8 /10 She was funny and one of my fav

Dakota 7.5/10 didnt stand out but was still good

Lindsay 9.2/10 Lindsay was like at her best

Brigette 8.5/10 Like lindsay

Dawn 7/10 Eh okay

Harold 8/10 was very good

Leshawna 8.3/10 wa very good

Cameron 6/10 Eh