Hello!!! Gentleman guess we don't have a lady here well there's Batman ;). Anyhow I'll be making many blogs doing a in-depth review about every season,Character,relationships, and of course do rankings. Anyway I'll start with the first season.....the good old 1st season which now I think about it.....was terrible.......Terrible but not as worse as this God its terrible like that movie was cost $45 Million dollars.......45 MILLION DOLLARS!!!    

Alex's Ratings System 

10 Wow this was AWESOME
9 Great
8 Borderline Great
7 Good
6 BatmanTDI grammar
5 A turd 
4 FreshTv TDAS
3 The Freshtv Mike
2 The FreshTv Cameron
1 The FreshTV Zoey


First of all mostly all characters-if not all had bad writing...but...Most of you guys don't remember but this Season had some killer zingers....zingers??...Anyway I hated how dominant Heather was she was a force no one could beat...besides Gwen..and Big Fat Al.....ejandro Also anyone remember the Izzy herpes joke....No...well I'll just sit in the corner.


God this is why its the worse season.Full off not to jab at Alejandro and Bridgette but.....sorry it was just to quick also I have a serious problem with Gwen,Duncan,Trent...first off make a Building story line not a rushed,(sorry about this next word)only was made because of an alliance...the fact was Gwen and Trent was kinda rushing it..but then without not reason Gwen is all like "Trent I like Duncan"....and Trent was all like "Yo you;re a hussie and you haven't even spoken to him like ever and this is like the forth episode!"....Just...*sigh*. I'm not bias but Izzy and Cody had the most actually story line based relationship.

Overall thoughts 

sigh* This season starts the series but hits par to being a totally crap fest sadly i would have honestly rated this a 3.41 but due to the being the first season and making this rp grow i had to give it 2 points so its overall ratings is......5.12.