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    • camera pans to show a room full of action figures,and a poster of Jiggypuff.*a boy pops out at the camera* Hello nitwits...aka Producers of Total Drama you might wonder why such a dashing, beautiful genius like myself is auditioning..  well cause I know I can outsmart these numskulls..I am Eggbeater...Er..EggHead...I MEAN Eggbert future winner of Total Drama Season 10! *screen flashes to black*

    Conf: Woah these idiots are stupider then I could have ever pondered.. Might be easy then I thought >:D

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    These are five people who could benfit from being early outs (plot wise) 

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    Put Oc's  lower commmets Also these OC's are so that if you don't want anyone to steal your idea and to make another oc put it here and My grammer is terrbile today 

    Name : ????

    Personity: ?????? 

    TD character most like:  

    then a photo

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    Recently The OTDRP released the line up for 2014.

    Show Season Episodes Airing Time
    Jerry Wolf 1 13 7:00 PM CST
    Camp Ozzy 2 24 7:30 PM CST
    Medieval Quest 6 13 8:00 CST

    Show Season Episodes Airing Time
    Ninja Bros 3 26 6:00 PM CST 
    Jeff's Moving Company 2 12 6:30  PM CST
    Cheese  4 16 7:00 PM CST
    The Evil Duck Brothers 2 26 7:30 PM  CST

    Show Season Episodes Airing Time
    Cat and Mouse 1 16 6:30 PM CST
    Total Drama Super Stars * 1 TBA 7:00 PM CST
    X-Gen 6 12

    8:30 PM CST

    • - Total Drama Super Stars is actually the 9 season overall but is counted as season 1 due to the title change 

    Show Season Episodes Airing Time
    Giga-Mon 12 40 7:30 AM
    The Legend of Oldon 4 14 8:00 AM
    Young Arrow 2 16 8:30 AM
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    Fans Favs
    Batman OC Tyler
    Garret OC Heather
    GO OC Scarlett
    RJ OC  Duncan and Leshawna
    Fiz OC Lindsay 
    My OC None
    Rocker OC Dave or Trent 
    Solar OC Dakota (duh.)
    Grass OC Harold or Scott
    Rocky OC Eva or B or Beardo 
    Utrrla OC  Sky
    Heo OC Shawn 

    You Appore of this list put  

    You don't Like it ._. put

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