Hello, welcome back to Total Drama Voting War! Last time, Teams Jaguars lost and Blaineley and Dawn were saved from elimination. Leaving you 7 options to vote. Cody, Geoff, Lightning, Sierra, Noah, Dakota, and Trent!

Everyone got zero votes except Lightning and Cody.

Lightning got 3 votes, and Cody also had 3.

In order to break ties, I myself will vote. The second person eliminated for Voting War is....

. . . .






. Cody! Sorry Cody, time for you to go.

Time for the next voting. Up for elimination is...Team Lions!

So Harold, DJ, Ezekiel, Eva, Lindsay, Tyler, B, Mike, and Justin are at risk of elimination!

But the randomizer will save two of them. Those two are...

B and Justin!

So vote off either Harold, DJ, Ezekiel, Eva, Lindsay, Tyler, or Mike!

Contestant Ranking
TBA Winner!
TBA 2nd
TBA 3rd
TBA 4th
TBA 5th
TBA 6th
TBA 7th
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TBA 34th
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TBA 36th
Cody 37th
Cameron 38th