This was overall sort of a meh's my thoughts.

B- He didn't do much, as his actor couldn't make it. I still don't know why he got out. 2/10

Leonard- He did a bit, and during the rare times when he had lines, he was okay I guess. Overall, a filler. 4/10

Staci- She honestly developed in such a short time and is underrated. She was sort of funny, she just needs more time. 5/10

Sam- He didn't really do much, and he seemed OOC at times...can't say much about him. 3/10

Topher- I don't get why so much people hate this dude. I love him! He showed a more nice side of himself and worked a lot for his team/ 7/10

DJ- There was a DJ? :O 1/10

Blaineley- She honestly was okay...I guess..she didn't really have much plot, but she did talk a lot. 5/10

Rodney- I think I should've gave him more plot this season, but I think I did great at strategizing, but only in PM. 6/10

Jasmine- She was either random or bland. She godded a bit and came off as annoying at times... 5/10

Sky- She needed a sub all season, but at times, her actor was good, making her a stronger player, and giving her some social strategies. 7/10

Sadie- I liked her, she really developed and became sort of a secret villain, and she was very strategic. And she even made allies along the way, unlikely for a villain. 8/10

Trent- He was great, very developed and was really great in challenges. He bonded nicely with everyone...he just was bland at times. 7/10

Sierra- I loved Sierra! We saw a way better side of her and she was less annoying. She made many likable friendships and her flipping developed her. 9/10

Owen- Owen was pretty meh in the beginning, but he really started to improve. He was great at challenges and was very strategic. He made me laugh a lot too. 10/10

Jo- Jo....MAH FAVE. I loved her! She was great at challenges, strategic, comic relief, made friendships, made rivalries, and showed more developed personality traits. 16/10

Zoey- She had a great alliance working and made tight friendships, and picked up an immunity win. I just feel the other two finalists deserved to win a bit more. 8/10

Overall Rankings

16. DJ

15. B

14. Sam

13. Leonard

12. Blaineley

11. Jasmine

10. Staci

19. Rodney

8. Topher

7. Sky

6. Trent

5. Zoey

4. Sadie

3. Sierra

2. Owen

Mah Fave: Jo