Hi, I am making a minor rp, siding with my roleplay on another wiki, so we're getting back on the plane. Comment up to two people you want. One male, one female from either first or second generation. Sign ups will close when I have 24 people.

Brick- GODuncan

Blaineley- GODuncan

DJ- LindsayLover11

Lindsay- LindsayLover11

Zoey- Drfizwuz997xlol

Lightning- Drfizwuz997xlol

Heather- Heatherxcodyfan

Alejandro- Heatherxcodyfan

Anne Maria- Teamdarkfan4

Mike- Teamdarkfan4

Gwen- Windindi

Cameron- Windindi

Staci- Ickabod1100

Noah- Ickabod1100