Welcome to RJ's Rankings! This time it's the top 10 most shocking eliminations. Let's begin.

10. Lindsay (Total Drama All Stars)

I thought for sure Bridgette was leaving, but Lindsay used the idol, and saved her, eliminating herself? Now that was unexpected..

9. Dakota (Total Drama Revenge Of The Island)

I thought I was leaving, since Scott seemed close with Dakota. But, him saved me. Hooray.

8. Scott (Total Drama Revenge Of The Island)

I expected Scott to win. Never did I expect him to QUIT.

7. Harold (Total Drama All Stars)

The first episode of the season..this was a shock. I can't believe he left first, I'm not even sure about the reason on why he left, I thought Cameron would be leaving.

6. Topher (Total Drama Underdogs)

I was 100 percent sure it was Blaineley, I just saw a lot of on-chat planning of eliminating her, not the strongest member.

5. Alejandro (Total Drama Action)

This was a BIG backstab, Bridgette voting off her own boyfriend! That was one of the biggest moves of the season.

4. Tyler (Total Drama World Tour)

Wow, everyone thought Tyler would win, but his clumsiness got the best of him, sending him home. I actually thought Alejandro would leave.

3. Ella (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

Of all people, Ella gets arrested from the game. This was a pretty big shock to me, she went total Izzy and burned stuff down.

2. Dawn (Total Drama All Stars)

I can't believe Dawn quit. She could have won! She had a real heroic exist though.

1. Harold (Total Drama World Tour)

Dang, Heather seemed a lot closer to Harold, and eliminated him over Alejandro. And it would have been awesome to have a love triangle final three.

Honorable Mentions: Duncan (Total Drama Island), Jo (Total Drama Revenge Of The Island, Geoff (Total Drama World Tour), Bridgette (Total Drama World Tour)