So, uhm, this is a randomly selected season it is.

It starts off with Cameron in the water trying to swim away from small fish, looking scared. Zoey picks him up with a gentle smile, but goes Commando and drops him. In the forest, Lightning is doing a daily jog, annoyed by Staci, who is chatting right nex to him. Sam is also seen in the forest playing video games but his gameboy dies. In Chef's kitchen, B is served with Chef's food, but has a disgusted look on. Right outside the kitchen, Jo is seen strategizing a plan with Anne Maria, who is fixing her hair, Dakota, who is on her phone, Scott, trying to get something off his arm, and Brick, who is the only one paying attention. At campfire, Dawn and Mike are about to kiss until the toxic marshmellow is put in the middle of them. Everyone then whistles