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  • SteelWolf

    Well, let's skip the intro and begin.

    Alejandro Alejandro is sort of a rollercoaster. For me, his best season was World Tour where he showed a genuine side, and he could build friendships. He seems to be the player. Heather, Bridgette, Lindsay, dang. Him returning in TDI and coming back to win was really great.

    Amy I find Amy very underrated, she was a fighter in the game and fought for Max, at the final four, she fought and it was sure to insure a tie but she got eliminated. She was shown to be manipulative at times, but kept it as a secret.

    Anne Maria I play Anne Maria and have a fun time doing it, I tried to make her funny but adding on plot. I personally think she's one of my best characters and very underrated. Like Amy, she secretly backs…

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  • SteelWolf

    What team will place first?:

    What team will place second?:

    What team will come in last?:

    Who will be voted off?:

    How much votes will they receive?:

    Who will not show up for the roleplay?:

    Who will not give a confessional?:

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  • SteelWolf

    Hayley: Ahem, I think you producers would really need someone like me. I'm-

    (A crashing sound is heard)

    Hayley: Ugh, now what is it? Something I don't really care about. *rolls eyes* I have a giant shot of winning. Pretty sure I'll be surrounded my usual. So pick me!

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  • SteelWolf

    User:BatmanTDI places an average of 6.625 in roleplays.

    User:GODuncan places an average of 5.75 in roleplays.

    User:OMGitsGarret placed an average of 10.65 in roleplays.

    User:DegrassiFTW27 places an average of 6.3235 in roleplays.

    User:Rj3ful1 places an average of 8.1875 in roleplays.

    User:ToasterSnifferBreadisGood places an average of 6.9375 in roleplays.

    User:Drfizwuz997xlol places an average of 6 in roleplays.

    User:Ultra98 places an average of 8.1875 in roleplays.

    User:Rocky LXIX places an average of 10.25 in roleplays.

    User:Heonzo100x places an average of 8 in roleplays.

    Like, rankings time.

    1. User:GODuncan

    2. User:Drfizwuz997xlol

    3. User:BatmanTDI

    4. User:DegrassiFTW27

    5. User:ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

    6. User:Heonzo100x

    7/8. User:Ultra98

    7/8. User:Rj3…

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  • SteelWolf

    Will update sometime with reasons and maybe photos

    10. Eva Flooding Camp Wawanawka

    People talked a lot about this after the episode occurred, and they disliked it. Eva, who was barely in the show,cameoed, got angry, and flooded the island, then the showed moved to Boney Island for two episodes.

    9. Sierra/Leshawna Rivalry

    This was one of the flaws in TDA. It seemed attention grabbing at first with the love triangle, but then, it got too random. Such as weave pulling and popping on beds.

    8. Zoey Winning Total Drama Underdogs

    Jo was a huge fan favorite in TDU, because she did a lot to fight her way through the game, but, many think she was Jo's follower, and when Jo took her to the final two, Zoey won.

    7. Beth Quitting

    One of the big twists in TDR wa…

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