Duncan Audition

Duncan: Kid give me the bike.

Kid: No give it back, mommy HELP!

Duncan: Hahaha oh hey I think I'd be a great contestant on this show because I'm handsome, smart, and athletic. Who else would you pick? (Crashes bike and laughs)

Duncan Confessional

Duncan: Are you kidding me? This is where I am staying for the next 8 weeks. If it weren't for that stupid million I'd quit right now.

Chris: Did I forget to mention you can't quit its in the contract. (smiles devilishly)

Duncan: Can it McLean.

DJ Audition

DJ: Oh Sparky who's a good boy

DJ: I'm going to win this for my little dog Sparky. (Hawk picks up Sparky and flies away)


DJ Confessional

DJ: The cooking is horrible, good thing I brought Mama Spice. Well I'm going to do my best to make friends with everyone, and try to win that 1 million dollar prize.

Lindsay Audition

Lindsay: Omg Becky that looks tots fabulous on you.

Bianca: Uh Lindsay my name is Bianca.

Lindsay: That's what I said Brianna, anyways pick me for your combination and it will be so much more prettier.

Camera Man: And Dumber

Lindsay Confessional

Lindsay: I can't wait to become BFF's with everyone on this island. I wish I could find the bathroom here, I really need to use it. Oh well.