Ok I've said it before if I miss an episode it's for a reason. If no one knows the reason then my internet is most likely out. So anyway I get back I hear this and that and here we go:

1.  Sugar x Geoff- I have no control over this so as long as they stay far away from me everything will be fine and dandy.

2. Shawn x Samey- Ok Samey breakes up with Rodney for the guy that kissed her sister. DONE

3. Replaced- Ok I missed 3 eps spread across one weekend. We normally do one or two a weekend. Why was Ultra not replaced? I missed 3 days not 3 weeks. Since when do I go on long break unannouced? Calm it. Plus seriously shut up I'm coming back and if anyone should get replaced it;s someone who misses eps spread across weeks with no one hearing from them. If that were to happen I would find a way to tell you what's up/