Noah: Normally I'm not the outdoorsy type but--

Guy: Nice job on winning school prez.

Noah: Thanks Mick. But anyway I have a 160 IQ, world video game cahmpion and I hacked my way into my first job. As if anyone will beat me and if they try i'll take them down.


Well this is sucks. But everyone seems to suck too so this should be easy. I may not have brawn but my brains will be my saving grace.



*strings guitar* Hey i'm Trent nice to meet you. Even though i'm not techanilly meeting you *laughs but stops feeling awkard*. Anyway i'm a cool dude and I will play a nice game so umm...... yeah. *goes back to stringing guitar*.

Confessial: So this place is weird and so are the people but some look cool. That Gwen girl looks pretty cool.