DAVE AUDITION

So I’m Dave or whatever. So really I want to be on Total Drama because I don’t know it was a stupid dare I lost. Anyway I doubt I’ll get on and maybe if I do I don’t know at all really. Maybe play as long as I can and try to win. I mean heck If I’m in I might as well try to win. Oh well the outdoors isn’t really my scene anyway so yeah I’m done with this. Turns camera off.

                                                  DAVE CONFESSIAL 

So far it has been kind of of a mess. I mean WHO BUILDS A FREAKING CASTLE! But no one listens to ol Davey here oh well. My team is pretty rag tag and those teams do well in books. But so far I got trailer trash, a wannabe wizard, a karaoke machine, a guy who thinks he’s a machine, a guy I’m pretty sure is on another cloud and Sky. So Sky and me might be able to carry the team ……… for now at least.