Hello everyone, I'm OMGitsGARRET and welcome to my blog!

~Here's some random fun-facts you should know about me~

My real life name is Garret!

I am 14 years old, my birthday is March 29th, 1999. I'm a guy!

I am in the 9th grade!

My top 5 favorite colors are Blue, Green, Pink, Black, and Red!

I joined Our TDR: Wikia on Auguest 30th, 2013! I am an Ex-Chat Moderator.

I have three pets; all cats; and all boys. There names are London, Trickster, and Fluffaluffagus!

I am Gay! (: 

I love Our TDR Wiki!

~Thank you for reading my blog, it's not finished yet as it's under construction so be ready for more stuff being added to this; by the way this is exactly like my profile. More blog's are coming soon so until then, OMG, GOOD BYE :D!~