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    Total Drama Winter

    December 22, 2013 by LindsayLover11

    Total Drama Winter is a season taking place in the most northern island of Nunavut, Canada. In this season 9 guys and 9 girls compete for the million dollars while freezing their butts off. After the dangerous winter themed challenges the winners kick back in a heated ski lodge to spend the night, while the losers are forced to sleep in igloos. At the elimination ceremony, the contestants vote off a teammate recieving hot chocolate as a sign of invinsibilty. The camper who doesn't recieve hot chocolate must ride the Sled of Shame. The Sled of Shame is a tobagan ride down a dangerous hill. At the end of the hill, is a huge jump that sends the contestant flying off the island. Here are sign ups for my new season! TOTAL.....DRAMA.....WINTER!!…

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