Hey guys! Gary here, giving you a special announcement. I have my own wiki, the Gary's Total Drama Roleplay Wiki, where I will be hosting a new roleplay, Total Drama Island. Based off of the original, 22 campers have signed up for a summer camp. They'll compete in challenges, eat nasty camp food, and vote off one of their own. In the end, one camper will remain, and will recieve the 100k grand prize! 

I am currently playing the host, Chris McClean, and the bad boy, Duncan. However, sign-ups are avaliable on my wiki! You can play any of the original 22 contestants (minus Duncan). You are allowed to sign-up as two contestants. Chef is avaliable for sign-ups as well, but he doesn't count toward your two character max. Link to sign-ups is on the main page. Speaking of which..

The main page is a great way to get introduced to my wiki. It'll tell you about the wiki, get you introduced, and it even has a list of administrators! There's also a news portion of the main page, where you can find the most recent info about the wiki and the roleplay series!

Lastly, admins! If you think a friend of yours could be an admin, then sign them up for adminship. The link to Requests for Adminship is located on the main page. Don't nominate yourself!

Thanks for reading. Here's a link;

I'd be glad to be part of the community. If you guys agree, I'll be happy to link Heo's wiki and this wiki on the main page. See ya,