Hello! My name is Nathaniel and I am a member of the robotics team called Exploding Bacon 1902. I am a big fan of Total Drama. I am also a big fan of Wikia and I made a non-biased Top Wikis Dedicated to Total Drama page on my blog on the Top 10 Wikis! So with out further ado, lets see what is the best of the beat of the best, SIR!

Place Wiki Name Founder/Leader Reason for Placeing
1st Total Drama: The Roleplay Wiki RiMiEg007 Great looking wiki with enjoyable and realistic episodes.
2nd Total Drama Wiki TDIFan13 Great looking with articles that are fun to read and great trivia.
3rd OUR TOTAL DRAMA ROLEPLAY Wiki GODuncan Great looking with unique plots and realistic episodes.
4th Hijotee Wiki Amazing Hijotee Enjoyable episodes and silly references.
5th TDRP: The Next Generation Wiki Duncan05/AwesomeTD Enjoyable episodes and silly references.
6th Total Drama Fanfiction Wiki Redflare Contains awesome fanfictions.
7th Total Drama Our Way Wiki Glenn31 Great looking with unique plots and realistic, but silly episodes.
8th VV's Total Drama Roleplay Wiki The Villainous Vulture Unique, but underdeveloped.
9th TDRPW Wiki Heonzo100x/DegrassiFTW27 Good wiki, good episodes, but underdeveloped
10th Total Drama Recreation Wiki Tyler.woodward.125 Ok wiki, but very underdeveloped