The new season permied and it was the best since Total Drama All Stars all three episodes where good and the only real backround people where the people in allainices. There are three different allainices and only Geoff   and B fails to be in one. The episodes where great and pretty nice challenges to, a lot of developement. Let starts by reviewing the first three people voted out. 

Ella-She didn't do much since Toaster was missing but could end up winning redemtion island, so could return. All she did was try to crash the plane and dress up as a bear and scar Katie. So idk 6/10

Scarlett-She wasn't to in the backround and liked her more her then in her first few episodes, but she became really bland and only looked in her notepads making perdections and making some beds. She was kind of weak in challenges and ended in last place. Guess we will never see her return. 5/10

Zeke-He didn't do to much since Ultra wasn't here for two episodes. He quickly apacted an allainice to Max and was blindside two epiosdes later. He was adverge in challenges and was in the backround most of the time. It was a nice blindside however so 5.5/10

These are the people that where voted out, now let do the Revenge cast.

B-He is a comic reilef who will most likly won't last long. I like him more this season then his pasts seasons. His lightlight was fighting with Berando and defending Sugar. I would like to see him last along episode 6-10. 6.5/10