This season's poetinal theme song. 

It begins going aross a jungle with Izzy swinging on a vine to her tree with all the food. She goes in and kicks out Eziekel who rolls into the big snake pit. Dave and Scarlett are then seen studing the snakes but are chased off thanks to the ganit gorila and Scarlett drops her perdection. Ella is seen singing annoying Beando and causing him to get Beth in his place. B is throwing bibles at Shawn and Samey who are fighting in a cannoe and then making out. Lightning and Geoff are both flexing for Katie and Sugar as they sown over them. The screen goes to camp with Max trying to cook rice he walks up and spills it all over Amy. Gwen is making a plan to get father in the game on a boat while Duncan hurts fish and they get chased by Fang. They all go to the camp fire with Max and Amy about to make out but then a bunch of vines falls on him. Everyone whistles.