I randomized the rest of TDR

Sixth person out and 13th place Geoff

Seventh person out and 12th place Beando

Eight person out and 11th place Amy

Ninth person out and the first member of the jury 10th place Katie

Payback for Bat delaying the merge.


Tenth person out and the second member of the jury 9th place Duncan

Eleventh person out and the third member of the jury 8th place Izzy

Twelfth person out and the fourth member of the jury 7th place Max

Thirtieth person out and the fifth member if the jury 6th place Dave

Fourteenth person out and the sixth member of the jury 5th place Gwen

Fiftieth person out and the seventh member of the jury 4th place Beth

Sixtieth person out and the final member of the jury third place B

Official runner up getting 3 jury votes Sugar

Official winner getting 5 jury votes Lightning!

Now counting this as cannon lets add up all the rankings of the 18th contestants

4/16th and 18/18th Scarlett

6/16th and 17/18th Ella

12/24th and 16/18th Ezekiel

1/14th and 15/18th Samey

2/14th and 14/18th Shawn

5/24th 17/17th 9/16th and 13/18th Geoff

8/14th and 12/18th Beando

7/14th and 11/18th Amy

23/24th, 10/17th and 10/18th Katie

13/24th 3/17th 13/16th and 9/18th Duncan

6/14th 5/17th 12/16th and 8/18th Izzy

5/14th and 7/18th Max

9/14th and 6/18th Dave

2/24th 11/17th 10/16th and 5/18th Gwen

16/24th 12/17th and 4/18th Beth

11/13th 16/16th and 3/18th B

3/14th and 2/18th Sugar

8/13th 10/16th and 1/18 Lightning