Well eight people did merge and since sadly there won't be a jury, even tought a 7 person jury would be cool Bat Superstars will have one and I'm happy for that. Anyways how I think some people might do and how there plots shall develop post merge.


  • Role Coattail rider

B is the guys you vote for when you know your going home~Bat. If Max's Allainice wins out he is in a pretty good spot as he is in the middle of that allainice and if he makes a big move like bringing Izzy with my to the finale over Max or Amy the win might just be in his hand. But up until then other then a little Jesus, being nice and maybe winning a challenge or two he will do a lot of coattail riding with hardly a Confessinal unless of course good old Rocky has been saving a special plot for him all along.


  • Role Anti Hero

Dave doesn't seem to have control of the friendship allainice but he does have an equal part and seems layol. After being backstabes by Max last season it looks like he has learned by mistakes and isn't affarid to fight dirty this time around and do what is the best for his game. Dave will have a decant amount of confessional and could see him staying for a while. He is great at puzzel challenges but isn't the strongest physically. He might wins one or two but will be no Trent.


  • Role Secondly antonist/Max's Girlfriend

I think it's about time Max and Amy finally date. There has been one and half build up of there reationship. She is one of two people to merge twice of the third cast but was out early after the merge in season will that happen again? I doubt it since she is Max's second in command and is in a really great spot. She will most likely give more confessionals post merge and if she is luckly, she might even win that million bucks. She isn't very strong in challenges but I doubt she will end up needing it.


* Role Hero or Anti Hero

  I think Katie might go for a more heroic role in the merge. She seem like she will be layol and will be a underdog. She might win a challenge in about the middle and she seem very nice. There a chance that if Max's allainice wins out then she will filp to him and filrt way to be third. She could also easily become a goat. If Lightning returns they might as well makeout.