Ummm Hi. Sorry my mom made me sign up to try to be soical. You see I am a very anti-soical person *Starts Sweating* and is it hot in her? I have this bun so it's pretty right? Yeah right. Total Drama is a pretty funny SHOW. Yeah *in her head* Scarelt just talk up about the show. Yes Yes Chris you are the greatest host and Chef you been in like what 5 seasons right? Yeah this season 6. Oh ummmmmmmm hey look there the Mail Men outside said I have to go now! *Shes runs*


Yeah It's me. Anyways I just came back from Taco Bell and had some Nochas or whatever. I wanna be a part of Total Drama for the free Marshmaollows and I need 3 million dallors to buy better cloths. I figuer you guys will rise the price money. My favirote so is Flapjake and my dream is to get on Candy Island and this show with th free Marshmallows is the cloestest I'll get to Candy Island and it's need me. O_O is that Gitter on the camera! Give me a second. *she comes back cover in Gitter* Ok I'm better now! Well see you on the show Chef.