Roleplay. This was the first season I saw very episode but two of them so I thought I judged the all stars for them this season.

16. Leshawna~ Played by RJ Rank:15th, Team:Heroes Role:Filler

Sorry RJ but she did nothing, (mostly because you missed two out of her four episodes this season) in the first episode she was okay and had a few funny monents in the dogebrawl challenge but showed little emotions to Harold being flushed first. In the seconed episode she was the seconed one out in the challenge and had a few lines and was excited to be in the spa hotel. She showed little reactions to Heather being a hero. In the third episode she had little lines and was hot some what early in the challenge. She was Emilated secomed because Lindsay thought she spilled her hair dye all over. She ended up doing nothing but have her friendship with Heather be tested when she voted Leshawna off.

15. Cameron~ Played by Niks Rank:12th Team:Heroes Role:Allainice member.

More to come

14. Lightning~Played by LindsayLover13 Rank:10th Team:Villain Role:Comic Reilef,