• DegrassiFTW27

    (Harold is seen in his room, it is littered with comic books, manga's and all sorts of ninja garb. He pulls out his nunchucks as he begins to speak.)

    Hey there, Im Harold. I think I should be on Total Drama Roleplay because of my mad skills which include my great ninja abilities, my samurai skills, what I learned in muskrat boys, EVERYTHING from Steve's camp and of course my animal magnetism! Here is just a preview of what I can do!

    (Harold swings his nunchecks but they hit him in the crotch, bounce and hit him in his face as he falls to the floor.)

    (Noah is at his house smiling.)

    Class president, captain of the debate team, number one player in Kosmic Khaos and over all smartest person in the world. That is what you will be bringing to the ga…

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