Audition Tape - Alejandro

(Alejandro is at the edge of a swimming pool in his swimwear. He has girls fawning over him in the background)

Alejandro: Hola. Es un placer conocerte. And I can't wait to meet all of my new teammates on Total Drama. I know you'll pick me. People usually have a hard time turning me down. (the girls behind him faint from love) I'm so much more than a stunning gorgeous chiseled man of a man. I'm also your future winner, which I guarantee. (dives perfectly into the pool) 

Audition Tape - Leshawna

(IN CASE NOBODY WANTS LESHAWNA OR YOU NEED SOMEONE AS A LAST RESORT TO BE LESHAWNA) (Leshawna walks out of a hair salon. She looks at the camera and fluffs her hair) 

Leshawna: Hey y'all! What's shakin? My name's Leshawna and if you want someone with attitude and bootitude to count, you KNOW who to call. (holds up her cell phone) I got this game in the bag! Ain't nobody gonna show me up because this victory train is leaving the station and on its way to T.V.! (walks away)

Audition Tape - Chris

(is sitting in a condo drinking a smoothie) 

Chris: Sup peeps! I'm Chris McLean. I'm sure you've heard of me. I'm famous after all. I'm hosting this awesome new reality show called TOTAL DRAMA ROLEPLAY! And it's gonna be WICKED! You should all watch so see the drama, the romance, and most importantly... me. (smiles)