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    CoGreen2.0's Auditions

    August 28, 2013 by CoGreen2.0

    (Alejandro is at the edge of a swimming pool in his swimwear. He has girls fawning over him in the background)

    Alejandro: Hola. Es un placer conocerte. And I can't wait to meet all of my new teammates on Total Drama. I know you'll pick me. People usually have a hard time turning me down. (the girls behind him faint from love) I'm so much more than a stunning gorgeous chiseled man of a man. I'm also your future winner, which I guarantee. (dives perfectly into the pool) 

    (IN CASE NOBODY WANTS LESHAWNA OR YOU NEED SOMEONE AS A LAST RESORT TO BE LESHAWNA) (Leshawna walks out of a hair salon. She looks at the camera and fluffs her hair) 

    Leshawna: Hey y'all! What's shakin? My name's Leshawna and if you want someone with attitude and bootitude to c…

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