Beginning of the Week

Welcome to Wiki Improve-athon week one! Now, I know I said in the comments in the first blog that I will start counting your points, however, I lied! haha :p *lisions to the boo's*. Sorry, I just wanted people to keep editing. So, I will try to post this every Sunday morning around 7:00, unless I sleep in, or cant sleep. So, picked by random, here are the teams, and team colors!

GODuncan, Owen Hardy, and Gary the Gaget Dude are on the purple team.

Ultra98, Drfizwuz997xlol, OMGitsGARRET are placed on the blue team.

DegrassiFTW27, ToasterSnifferBreadisGood, Rj3ful1 are placed one the green team.

I will update this by the end of the week, but until then, just get points! I'm putting this blog out a day early, sense I might be a little busy tomorrow, but yes, I will start counting points now, no joke.

End of Week

So, I decided to not revile to number of points you have earned until you are eliminated, just for the fun of it! So, with further a due, the team in second place, with no reward or punishment is...... Blue Team!!!!!!! And, the winners are........ the Purple team!!!!!!!!! So, going into next round, purple team will have an additional ten points!!! And lets just say with ten points, Green team wouldn't have lost. So, DegrassiFTW27, Rj3ful1, and ToasterSnifferBreadisGood, have fun voting someone out! You have till Monday to send in your vote, and if you comment to anyone's vote, its a vote against you!!!! Have fun!


With two voted against him, ToasterSnifferBreadisGood is the first contestant eliminated. In week one, ToasterSnifferBreadisGood has got 14 points, the seventh highest amount of points. ToasterSnifferBreadisGood will still have the newly added "at home challenge" (yes, its a copy of off Biggest Loser), good luck!