Sorry for the delayed blog, all edits from today and yesterday still count. So, this is the last team challenge, and sense all teams have two members, that means whichever team is in last place, the lowest member gets eliminated. Remember to have fun!

Purple Team

  • Owen Hardy
  • GODuncan

Green Team

  • DegrassiFTW27
  • Rj3ful1

Blue Team

  • Drfizwuz997xlol

At Home Challenge!

ToasterSnifferBreadisGood left the computation with 14 points and now has............. 44 points! ToasterSnifferBreadisGood is now in the lead of the At Home Challenge!

Ultra98 left the computation with 0 points and now has............. 0 points! Ultra98 is now in third place at the At Home Challenge!

Gary the Gaget Dude left the computation with 1 point and now has............. 1 points! Gary the Gaget Dude is now in second place in the At Home Challenge!

End of the Week

This week with the stakes higher, you guys defiantly got more points in! And the team that got second is................. BLUE TEAM! And, back to normal, Purple Team has won!! And, sense next week is merge, only one person can get an advantage, which is Owen Hardy for getting more points! And for Owen Hardys award is.... Immunity Next Week! Yep, Owen Hardy, along with whoever wins next week, have immunity! And sadly, purple team winning, means that Green Team has loss, with an automatic elimination to whoever has the least edits.


Sense he had the lowest score on his team, DegrassiFTW27 has been eliminated. In week one DegrassiFTW27 got 39 points. In week two DegrassiFTW27 got 25 points. In week three DegrassiFTW27 got 18 points. In week four DegrassiFTW27 got 20 points. DegrassiFTW27 is currently in the lead in the At Home Challenge with 102 points!