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  • BatmanTDI

    Total Drama: Red Carpet

    October 5, 2014 by BatmanTDI

    Alright, we have been trying our hardest for this to happen, and we WANT it to happen. So, for our final try, we WILL be making this happen. Now, do not expect it fast, as this may take a while. In the comments, please leave your character information, and if you have signed up in the past, you don't have to leave as much, but just a little so we know who you are :).

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  • BatmanTDI

    Okay, so I'm not going to ramble on and just get to the point. I don't know every characters personality, and either do you. I read them all at a point, but I can't remember them all. So in the comments simply put this:

    Brief Summery: This can be one sentence. Just quick state what the character is like.

    Example: Sally Sue is a nice and smart girl, who wants to go on with honor and integrity.

    Don't be generic and boring, but you get the point.

    Introduction: You guys will probably be on a bus or trailer, and when I say your name I'll say something brief.

    Example: Sweet and caring honest player, Sally Sue!

    Again, don't be generic. However, if your character is basically a secret antagonist (Note that in chat, every user will find out, and if it wasnt …

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  • BatmanTDI

    Spoiler* Contains slight spoilers of the TDPI personality's, nothing major. Please, don't spoil in coments. *Spoiler*

    Okay, with Total Drama Pahkitew Island coming out, we have been discovering that these characters are not all what they appear. But that's fine because...... WE MADE THE CHARACTERS THE WAY WE WANTED TO! We can't change them because that is who they are in The Our Total Drama Roleplay.

    Max is gonna stay the antagonist.

    Amy and Samey arnt gonna have a huge conflict.

    Dave is gonna be sarcastic.

    Sugar isnt gonna be in beauty pageants.

    Beardo is gonna be................ less weird.

    Scarlett is gonna be a weaker nerd.

    Sky is gonna be less crazy.

    Jasmine isnt gonna talk that much.

    Leonard will pretty much be the same.

    Topher isnt gonna love …

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  • BatmanTDI

    Welcome to the final week, were Rj3ful1 and Drfizwuz997xlol will battle out for the win. Now, this week, every sing point you earned in the game so far, will add to your final score! And the person with the most, wins!

    • Rj3ful1
    • Drfizwuz997xlol
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  • BatmanTDI

    Welcome back after our hiatus! With OMGitsGARRET quitting, we have our final three! And the week stars now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • Owen Hardy
    • Rj3ful1
    • Drfizwuz997xlol

    User:ToasterSnifferBreadisGoodToasterSnifferBreadisGood left the computation with 14 points and now has............. 54 points! User:ToasterSnifferBreadisGoodToasterSnifferBreadisGood is now in fourth place in the At Home Challenge!

    User:Ultra98Ultra98 left the computation with 0 points and now has............. 7 points! User:Ultra98Ultra98 is now in fifth place at the At Home Challenge!

    User:Gary the Gaget DudeGary the Gaget Dude left the computation with 1 point and now has............. 1 points! User:Gary the Gaget DudeGary the Gaget Dude is now in sixth place in the At Home Challe…

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