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the 15 teens in this season learned they would have to do challenges across the world in a rusted up plane

Their first Location was China,After the challenge three teams were decided.

The World Tour Beings Part 1
Season 3, World Tour, Episode 1
Date 27th September 2013
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Total Drama Action"

"The World Tour Begins! Part: II"


The Season begins with The 15 contestants in a airport waiting for Chris.While they wait Courtney and Heather start arguing with each other,Cody and Owen bond.Then Chris arrives and Owen shows his distaste for flying when he cries and screams,which Izzy stopped it by hitting he with a frying pan.Then Chris tells they will soon be arriving in China. Their challenge was to climb the great wall of china,it was shown that Cody had not problem finding a suitable panda. The panda seemed to love Lindsay the most and Lindsay being the nice person she is gave pandas to Owen, Heather and Duncan while saving one for herself. Duncan did not care as he sat in the Plane the whole time. Lindsay kept one trying to get Duncan do the challenge even getting him a bike. As he keep saying no Lindsay force him on the bike and they are the last people yo show up. After the challenge three teams was decided,The full of tension, Team Unbeatable Warriors with Heather, Noah, Harold, Bridgette and Gwen.Then the Comical Team, Anti Social Woman Haters with Izzy, Geoff, Lindsay, Tyler and Duncan. Team named pick by Izzy. Next a Perfect mix of both of them with Leshawa, Alejandro, Owen, Courtney and Cody.The episode ends with Chris sigh off the episode.



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