Team Unbeatable Warriors
Number of members 5
Highest ranking member Heather 2nd place
Lowest ranking member Bridgette 16th place
Advanced to All-Stars 4
Advanced to Underdogs 0
Advanced to Redemption 1
Advanced to Superstars 2
Team selected by Challenge

This team was the second to be formed in TDWT.



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Bridgette Female 16th 5th The World Tour Begins! Part: II Was arguing with Heather burning more fire in there Conflict and heather wanted to take care of it early.
Gwen Female 10th 4th Let's Play a Love Game!s Broke Heather's leg in a few episode before.
Noah Male 6th 3rd The Leaning Tower of Pizza He wasn't hot Engoue for Heather to keep him.
Harold Male 4th 2nd Sky High Heather chose Alejandro over him.
Heather Female 2nd 1st ...And The Winner Is... Leshawna got more votes to win,
Team Unbeatable Warrirors
Gwen Bridgette Noah Heather Harold