Team Perfection
Number of members 5
Highest ranking member Leshawna 1st place
Lowest ranking member Cody 14th place
Advanced to All-Stars 3
Advanced to Underdogs 1
Advanced to Redemption 0
Advanced to Superstars 2
Team selected by Challenge

This team was the first to be formed in TDWT.



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Cody Male 14th 5th Anything Yukon do I can do better... Alejandro wanted revenge from last season.
Owen Male 11th 4th It's Time For The Roman Laugh-a-lympics! He was seen as useless to the team.
Courtney Female 8th/7th 3rd Total Eva Action! With the merge started, Heather's alliance targeted her.
Alejandro Male 3rd 2nd The Amazing Million Dollar Race Lost the race
Leshawna Female 1st 1st ...And The Winner Is... N/A
Team Perfection
Alejandro Cody Courtney Leshawna Owen