Team Anti-Social Woman Haters
Anti social
Number of members 5
Highest ranking member Tyler 5th place
Lowest ranking member Lindsay 15th place
Advanced to All-Stars 1
Advanced to Underdogs 0
Advanced to Redemption 3
Advanced to Superstars 2
Team selected by Challenge

This was the last team to be formed and the name was suggested by Izzy.



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Lindsay Female 15th 5th California, Gurlz! Thrown Chaallenges for Geoff even though there on the same team.
Duncan Male 13th 4th Tequila is Mexico's water
Izzy Female 12th 3rd Australia's Outback Emu-Steakhouse Droped her necklace and jumped out of the plane.
Geoff Male 9th 2nd So long, farewell, pip-pip, cheer-io! Who will be back soon? Nobody liked him and the other teams chose him to go over likeable Tyler
Tyler Male 5th 1st Stranded Castle Builders Heather blindsided him for being to curel.
Team Anti-Social Woman Haters
Duncan Geoff Izzy Lindsay Tyler