Hi its Batman here so, okay, for a while now we have been talking about who will be in All Stars. Now, there is a HUGE range of characters and I would like to see what you people think. The cast wont be picked until after ROTI.


  • must have been in all 3 seasons
  • Must have merged twice OR was in the final 5
  • Don't put in 2 characters from the same actor
  • you must have 3 boys and 4 girls or 3 girls and 4 boys
  • you must have 3 hero's and 4 villains or 4 hero's and 3 villains


I do not expect anyone not to put there character threw, lets face it you all want to be in however, don't add all of your friends. Like, my Character Bridgette hate's Noah and Heather, however I might want to throw those's two in. And we are not picking who did the best over all, were looking for DRAMA. Leshawna and Gwen might have only really did good once, but putting them together could really be fun.

Pulling a GwenEdit

I know a lot of us think Gwen was placed on the wrong team in the real Total Drama All Stars. However, why we might dislike that it was a great way to create drama and make a character question them selves. For example some might argue that Leshawna is a villain for what she did to Gwen in season 3, and what Bridgette did to Alejandro in season 2. Its always fun to add one of those in.


When you submit you state your 7 characters that all follow the rule's. If you truly think that a character who doesn't fit should be in put them in italics. And so we can see what you guys think about others just leave a comment under there message you can do it as many time's as you want but don't go over bored and NO dissing a suggestion only positive fee-back. in the end the admins will pick who is in, but this will help us get an idea who everyone wants in.

To submitt use this format

Villian girls:

Villain boys:

Hero girls:

Hero boys:

Now get to voting!