Screaming Gophers
Screaming Gophers
Number of members 12
Highest ranking member Cody, 3rd
Lowest ranking member Sierra, 24th
Advanced to Action 11
Advanced to World Tour 8
Advanced to All-Stars 5
Advanced to Underdogs 3
Advanced to Redemption 3
Advanced to Superstars 5
Team selected by Chris
Action counterpart Screaming Gophers

The Screaming Gophers is the first team in the series.



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Sierra Female 24th 12th Not so happy chatters
Trent Male 21th 11th Total drama wipeout
Courtney Female 19th 10th TD:The Drama search
Leshawna Female 17th 9th Total Drama Quiz Time
DJ Male 14th/13th 8th/7th Playda des losers
Duncan Male 13th/14th 7th/8th Playda des losers
Noah Male 11th 6th Tri arms
Lindsay Feamale 8th 5th Abduction
Bridgette Female 7th 4th Teamwork Triumphs
Izzy Female 6th 3rd Total drama hunt
Geoff Male 5th 2nd Race to the final 4
Cody Male 3rd 1st The Goth vs. The Handsome vs. The Geek
Screaming Gophers
Bridgette Cody Courtney DJ Duncan Geoff Izzy Lindsay Leshawna Noah Sierra Trent