Killer Bass

Team Perfection

Gender Male
Hair color blond
Eye color black
Episodes Competed 30
Eliminated TDI: Time to Def-eat

TDWT: Time for Roman a-lymphics

TDU: Trouble with Trivia

Place TDI:20th

TDWT: 11th

TDU: 3rd

Family Father and Mother
Friends Alejandro , Justin , Noah
Enemies Courtney
Played By AwesomeTD (season 1)

Niksdorfv(season 2-4) DegrassiFTW27 (season 5-present)

Owen is a character competing in Our Total Drama Roleplay.

He is played by DegassiFTW27


In season one Owen was out because of Heather alliance in eating contest. In his first confessional he said "WOO HOO! *farts". In exclusive special of TDI he was in "Boys Alliance" with Justin, but he didn't make to the TDA.


Owen the only one character in TDWT that made audition. His confessional was "AAH!!! WE FLYING!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Chris kicks owen

The World Tour Begins Part 1 and 2!Edit

In first and secondepisode Owen was scared of flying and he was the last in episode who talked. He was in  Team Perfection. Than he dreamed that he was on big flying marshmallow and pineapple eat him and farts with rainbow and than Owen sees a big black-blood shadow that was laugh at him and killed him. Than he wake's up and saw Alejandro laughing. 

California, Gurlz!Edit

In third episode Owen was not so much scared of the plane like other days. And he was surprised that they go to the California. He was talk with Alejandro about his dream but Al answer nothing. In the challenge Owen was less useless for his team because of his laziness, but he don't get eliminated, Lindsay did.He was sad that Lindsay got out because she was good friend of him but he said good bye at the end , but again he dreamed about dream that was in first and second day.

Anything Yukon do I can do better...Edit

In this episode Owen was running slowly and got a hurt by a bear, but he was first who got to the finish from his team. But in the end he create alliance with Alejandro who wanted get Cody out. And than Cody made alliance with Owen. He was Scared who he need vote for? But he vote for Cody.

Tequila is Mexico's waterEdit

Owen don't had a dream by the end of last episode. He start being a good friend of Alejandro who helped him with Owen's "problems . He was helps Alejandro open cactuses, but he fall on one giant cactus where was water, and because of him, his team won the challenge.

Australia's Outback Emu-SteakhouseEdit

Owen was attacked by a Kangaroo, and he saw a shadow of person that looks like Cody but then shadow disappeared. Owen was little scared. And he was think that Alejandro is not pretty good teammate. But his team got 2nd place so he was a little bit sad.

New York's Stank-y SewersEdit

Owen was happy that they coming to New York. But he was hurt when he jump of the plane. And he was sleeping all the episode.

Season User Rank Team
1 User:AwesomeTD 20th Killer Bass
2 None None None
3 User:Niksdorfv 11th Team Perfection