Killer Bass
Killer Bass
Number of members 12
Highest ranking member Alejandro, 1st
Lowest ranking member Katie, 23rd
Advanced to Action 6
Advanced to World Tour 6
Advanced to All-Stars 3
Advanced to Underdogs 3
Advanced to Redemption 3
Advanced to Superstars 1
Team selected by Chris
Action counterpart Killer Grips

The Killer Bass are the second team in the series.



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Katie Female 23rd 12th The Real Torture Begins Her team saw her as useless.
Tyler Male 22nd 11th Death in the Woods He fell for Beth ?
Owen Male 20th 10th Time to Def-eat He failed in a challenge he should have been able to win, makeing him seem useless..
Harold Male 18th 9th the Drama Bikers Heather got the votes for him to be out, because she thought he was a threat.
Beth Female 16th/15th 8th/7th Boney Island Her team thought that she didn't do much, and only helped Heather.
Sadie Female 15h/16th 7th/8th Boney Island She wasn't that useful, and didn't do well in the challenges.
Ezekiel Male 12th 6th Hide and Be Sneaky He became totaly useless for his allaince.
Eva Female 10th 5th Total Drama Crab Fest She was seen as a threat
Justin Male 9th 4th Tightrope Battle Was eliminated by an alliance
Heather Female 4th 3rd Explosive run Alejandro back stabbed her
Gwen Female 2nd 2nd The Goth vs. The Handsome vs. The Geek Lost the challenge
Alejandro Male 1st 1st None None
Killer Bass
Alejandro Beth Eva Ezekiel Gwen Harold Heather Justin Katie Owen Sadie Tyler