Justin is a character competing in Our Total Drama Roleplay.

He is played by Niksdorfv Source

Killer Bass

Psychotic Actors

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Episodes Competed 16
Eliminated TDI: Tightrope Battle
Place TDI: 15th
Friends Sharks, Ezekiel, Heather, Beth one sides (his side), Owen, Harold, Gwen, Alejandro
Enemies None
Played By Niksdorfv (season 1-9)

DegrassiFTW27(season 9-present)

Total Drama: WipeoutEdit

In this episode Justin wants to staing on the platform. But in the challenge he got out first. Then he said to Beth "Good Luck" , but she got out and said what Justin distract her. So Heather said if they dod't win this challenge Justing be gone first. But Gwen and Bass are won the challenge and Justin didn't got out. 


In this episode Justin was in final three with Heather and Duncan, but in next hour he fell asleep. His dream was prety bad. He saw Alejandro who is going from the boat to the island, and then he woke up.

Time to Def-eatEdit

In this episode Justin was one who got out, because he couldn't eat the food. He didn't want to be fat, and he thought it would not be good for his look. He was suprised that Owen got out in a food challenge.

Hide and Be SneakyEdit

In this episode Justin was happy about the merge. And after he heard that Alejandro and Noah were back he was suprised. Then in the challenge he was looking at himself in front of the mirror, and Chef blasts him. He was happy for Izzy that she won the challenge. He got zero votes.


Season User Rank Team
1 User:Niksdorfv 15th Killer Bass


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