Toxic Rats

Team Retro

Radioactive Leeches

Team Jo

Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
Eye color Lavender
Episodes Competed 27
Eliminated TDROTI: Friday, The Hurt-eenth

TDU:The Ultimate Underdog Finale!

Place TDROTI: 10th


TDSS: Final Christation TDSS: 7th

Relationship TBA
Family Aunt Gwen
Friends B, Sam,Anne Maria, Zoey, Sky, Owen, Jasmine
Enemies Sam, Brick, Cameron, Mike, Blaineley, Sadie
Played By Drfizwuz997xlol
Jo, labeled The Jock-ette, is a contestant on Total Drama Revenge of the Island. She is played by drfizwuz997xlol

"The Race For First Place!

She arrived thinking she was the best and she really did not talk all that much but was the first one to complete the race.

"Mu-Cant Keep A Man Down!"

She talked more his episode and mocked Anne Maria for her love of Tanning and tried to make her Team run more better.In her first ever confessional she mocked her team calling them names.Jo was the Guard for The Toxic Rats cage and she fought with lightning ended with Lighting knocked out but in the confusion Dakota got A nest of Mutant Eggs and dumped them in the cage making the Rats lose.At the elimination ceremony Jo was mad at her team for losing to "a petty rich girl".Jo was mad that Cameron was viewing that ceremony. After Zoey was eliminated Jo talked in A conf saiding she wanted Sam to leave next.

Total Drama All Stars

She makes a cameo in the finale where she compains that she isn't in the season. She is mad at Dakota that she got return and she failed to return. She Roots Courtney since she is also a villain. When the Island gets destroyed she hops on Duncan's boat.

Total Drama Underdog

She starts out on Team Retro. She once again begins an allainice.