Izzy is a character competing in Our Total Drama Roleplay.

She is played by alexhouse721

Screaming Gophers

Killer Grips

Team Anti-Social Woman Haters

Team Crushers of Opposition

Crazed Critics

Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Green
Episodes Competed 54
Eliminated TDI: Total drama hunt TDA: Surfing Tourny TDWT:"Australia's Outback Emu-Steakhouse"

TDR: Twists, Turns and Trickery

TDRC: The Not So Iron Chefs

Place TDI:6th TDA:5th TDWT:12th


TDRC: 13th

Relationship Cody (broken up)
Friends Noah, DJ, Cody, Owen, Lindsay, Harold,sierra(one sided)Geoff
Enemies Heather, Chef, Blaineley
Played By Alexhouse721

In the first episode Izzy did not do much but just ate a cupcake.She ended in the bottom two but Sierra got eliminated. 

In the second episode Izzy jumped on vines and trees then landed on DJ head. But DJ does not mind at all. She also excited to be able jump off a cliff. 

In the third episode Izzy jumped into the trees and when into heather hiding spot but Chef elimated her making Izzy having a conflict with Chef and Heather  In Rock-a-bye loserTBA