Killer Bass
Screaming Gaffers
Team Unbeatable Warriors
Heroic Hamsters

Killer Gopher

Team Jo

Harold stand
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color green dotted
Episodes Competed 45
Eliminated TDI: The Drama Bikers


TDWT: Sky High

TDAS: Heroes vs Villains

TDSS: Hang in There

Place TDI: 18th

TDA: 1st



TDSS: 6th

Relationship Leshawna (mutual attraction)

Heather (broken up)

Friends Justin Izzy Heather, Brick Scarlett
Enemies Duncan, Sadie, Beth, Gwen
Played By DegrassiFTW27

Harold, labeled The Nerd, is a contestant on OTDRP. He is played by DegrassiFTW27.

Not So Happy ChattersEdit

Harold did not do much in the episode besides the dodgeball challenge which he did pitifully at, with the ball not even reaching the other teams side.

 The Real Torture Begins!Edit

Harold did not speak much in this episode but he did jump off of the cliff and do the challenge and such.

Death In The WoodsEdit

Harold realizing he needs a group, joins Heather's alliance. Later in the episode he managed to avoid Chef for a good amount of time before being found.

Painball WarEdit

During the challenge Harold hid with Heather in the cave. He talked to her about her harsh treatment towards some of their team mates but she ignorned him. They stayed there until the stumbled upon a bear, after which Heather ran and Harold wet himself. He lasted a little longer until Sadie shot him. After which he reminded her they were on the same team.

Total Drama: WipeoutEdit

Harold competes in the obstacle based challenge buts fails, landing on his crotch and hurting himself. But he manages to last up until the last 4-5 competitors.


Harold reads comic books in order to stay awake but eventually passes out.

Time to Def-eatEdit

Harold was one of the first of his team mates to eat the food, claiming that real warriors ate food like that all the time. He was one of the only people on his team to finish their food in the 2nd round.


Season User Rank Team
1 DegrassiFTW27 18th Killer Bass
2 Winner Screaming Gaffers
3 4th Team Unbeatable Warriors
4 Not Competing
5 DegrassiFTW27 16th Heroic Hamsters


  • Harold is the first, and currently only winner to also be eliminated first.
  • There has yet to be a male winner since he's won.


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