Elimination happens when a contestant is voted out, their elimination.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Episode Eliminated
Not So Happy Chatters Sierra
The Real Torture Begins! Katie
Death in the Woods Tyler
Painball War Alejandro1
Total Drama Wipeout Trent
Rock-a-bye-loser Noah2
Time to Def-eat Owen
TD: the Drama Search Courtney
The Drama Bikers Harold
Total Drama Quiz Time Leshawna
Boney Island Beth
Playa Des Losers Duncan
Hide and Be Sneaky Ezekiel
Tri arms Noah2
Total Drama Crab Fest Eva
Tightrope Battle Justin
Abduction Lindsay
Teamwork Triumphs Bridgette
Total Drama Hunt Izzy3
Race To The Final 4 Geoff4
Explosive Run Heather
Three Race N/A
The Goth vs. The Handsome vs. The Geek Cody5
Ticket For A Chance To Win It N/A

1Although Alejandro was eliminated from the competition, he eventually returned and won the season.
2Although Noah was eliminated from the competition, he eventually returned, but was eliminated soon after.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Episode Eliminated
Back on Set Geoff
The Drama War Heather
Drama Disaster Alejandro
The Love Drama Cody
Prison Break Out Sierra
Kidnapped Beth
Total Heroes Gwen
Clueless Leshawna
Clueless Katie
Trapped Bridgette
Total Drama Musical Blaineley
Sports Rules Lindsay
Surfing Tourny Izzy
Final Foarrrr Treasure Hunt Noah
Animal Buddies Duncan

Total Drama World TourEdit

Episode Eliminated
The World Tour Begins! Part: II Bridgette
California Gurlz Lindsay
Anything Yukon do I can do better... Cody
Tequila is Mexico's water Duncan
Australia's Outback Emu-Steakhouse Izzy
It's Time For The Roman Laugh-a-lympics! Owen
Let's Play a Love Game! Gwen
So long, farewell, pip-pip, cheer-io! Who will be back soon? Geoff
Total Eva Action! Courtney
Total Eva Action! Eva
The Leaning Tower of Pizza Noah
Stranded Castle Builders Tyler
Sky High Harold
The Amazing Million Dollar Race Alejandro
...And The Winner Is... Heather

Total Drama Revenge of the IslandEdit

Episode Eliminated
The Race For First Place! Staci
Mu-Cant Keep A Man Down! Zoey
Wawanakwa Showdown B
Friday, The Hurt-eenth Jo
Mutant Mania Sam
Hide & Seeeeeeeeeeeek! Lightning
Liar, Liar - Pants on Fire Cameron
Battleship! Mike
The Boney Life Dawn
Boney Island Supreme Dakota
The Island's Ultimate Revenge - Part: I Scott
The Island's Ultimate Revenge - Part: II Brick

Total Drama All-StarsEdit

Episode Eliminated
'''Heroes VS. Villains''' Harold
To Kill a Contestant''' Leshawna
Big Ballin Anne Maria
The Key to Victory Heather
Total Drama Pukefest Cameron
No Treasure found in Drama Dakota
No Treasure found in Drama Noah
Capture the Coon Lightning
The Ultimate Cookoff Scott
The Ultimate Cookoff Alejandro