Izzy and Cody

They are a strong couple, even though Izzy has a running gag of accidentally hurting Cody. They are they 4th couple to form and broke up in Total Drama All-Stars

How it formedEdit

From the start, Cody had an attraction to Izzy, but Izzy didn't share the same feelings until Cody started to impress her.


This couple has recently started, they like each other a lot. They broke up four seasons later because Cody inrongs her.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Cody has been trying to get Izzy but kept failing, in the talent contest Izzy showed she likes him back by making out, the two later starting dating in the next episode.

Total Drama ActionEdit

They made out once and Cody inronged her.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Izzy started getting upset with Cody and got angry at a neckelts.

Total Drama All-StarsEdit

At the end of the season when everyone is making out Izzy breaks up with him because they never talk and then hits his balls and blows up the Island.