Screaming Gophers

Killer Grips

Team Perfection

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color blue
Episodes Competed 31
Seasons Competed 3
Eliminated TDI: The Goth vs. The Handsome vs. The Geek

TDA: The Love Drama TDWT: Anything Yukon do i can do better

Place TDI: 3rd

TDA: 14th

TDWT: 14th

Relationship izzy (broken up)
Friends Geoff, DJ, Duncan, Izzy, Lindsay, Leshawna, Alejandro, Gwen, Noah, Brick, Blaineley
Enemies Heather, Courtney
Played By GODuncan

Cody is a character competing in Our Total Drama Roleplay.

He is played by GODuncan

Total Drama IslandEdit

He was semi useful in the challenges, and merged without getting a single vote. He started a relationship with Izzy. He won a couple post-merge challenges and made the finale, even though he didn't win he was satified with his place.

Total Drama ActionEdit

He made an alliance with Duncan and Alejandro, and was surprised when Duncan made him vote off Alejandro, that later caused his own elimination.

Total Drama World TourEdit

He was the first voted off the team because Alejandro wanted payback after last season. He accepted the fact and apologized before jumping out.


Season User Rank Team
1 GODuncan 3rd Screaming Gophers
2 GODuncan 14th Killer Grips
3 GODuncan 14th Team Perfection


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama Revenge of the Island (cameo)