April 20, 2019 by OMGitsGARRET

    I was bored and on a nostalgia binge and somehow found my old Wikia/Fandom account thingy and I rememberd this Wikia and all the memories from 2013-2014, lmaoo...... so if anyone in the future does this and sees this, hello from the OG Heather

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  • XxLucinaFTWxX

    join for a new rp

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  • GODuncan

    Okay, 4 users have signed up for the editing race, and the week will start now!


    User:DerpyandDawn (1 points)

    User:SkyFanTD (0 points)

    User:ShawnFan14 (37 points)

    User:LlewellynIsAwesome! (50 points)


    No fluffing.

    Not contributing to the activity will result in a disqualification.

    How to earn points:

    1 point for a normal edit on a page

    5-10 points for a new interaction page based on the page

    20-50 points for creating a picture, based on picture quality

    Requested Edits:

    • Picture of Duncan staying awake in the awakathon
    • Picture of Blaineley completing the Obsta-Kill Course
    • Picture of Owen diving off a cliff
    • Picture of Noah answering a true or false question
    • Picture of  Zeke in the dump of shame
    • Picture of DJ in the dump of shame
    • Picture of Kati…

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  • GODuncan

    Hey guys, with the new season and all, I dont wanna be the only one doing stuff around here, so, there will be an editing race to help improve this wiki. Rewards are: 1st Place - Admin, 2nd place - chat mod, 3rd Place- rollback. Sign below if you want to join and sign ups will end by Friday @5 EST


    No fluffing.

    Not contributing to the activity will result in a disqualification.

    How to earn points:

    1 point for a normal edit on a page

    5-10 points for a new interaction page based on the page

    20-50 points for creating a picture, based on picture quality

    There will be a list of requested edits to be made each week, and if you do one of them first you get points based on the request. (will get more points than normal edits since it was requested) …

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  • SkyFanTD

    Episode 1 - Jump for your Life

    Challenge: Jump off the cliff into the water. (Chris will judge)

    Episode 2: Stay awake

    Challenge: Contestants must try to stay up to prevent from being eliminated from the challenge.

    Episode 3:

    Challenge: TBA

    Episode 4: TBA

    Challenge: TBA

    Episode 5: TBA

    Challenge: TBA

    Episode 6: TBA

    Challenge: TBA

    Episode 7: Digging for Gold

    Challenge: The contestants use spoons in a mine to dig for gold, once they get their gold they must escape the mine and cross the finish line with their gold.

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  • SpiritAnimal

    Let's Do This

    January 5, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    WE NEED TO REBOOT Red Carpet. We can't let this wiki die...not yet. I have my own non-canon roleplay going on, but PPLLLEEAASEEEE. 2015 is a new year, and maybe a new roleplay is needed. We can do this.

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  • DimensionBro567

    IDK if this one is gonna be good :P, i kinda rushed but i guess it wasnt that bad

    Part 2

    Chris: OK guys your job is to survive in this horrible place. There is a monster out to get you and if you get eaten you lost the challenge and probably just lost your life. Hehe... the last one who survives wins the challenge and their team wins. The losing team goes to the Movie Theatre Elimination Ceremony, gets a DVD and the loser who gets voted off will go to the Elevator of Shame!

    Hayley: Pff you guys obviously ran out of ideas.

    Chris: NO ONE FRIGGIN ASKED YOU! Now for the second time... its time to GO!

    Derek: OK are you guys safe?

    Rosie & Phoebe: Yeah.

    Rosie: IDK I'm a little scared though...

    Derek: Well you could come to me. I wouldn't let anything hap…

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  • DimensionBro567

    (Well..... they claim that there gonna reboot the season but it's like, 2015 and this is getting no where. I have loved Total Drama since I was a child and have always LOVED roleplay. I also love the Hunger Games..... just saying. I wanted to join a total drama roleplay SOOO bad but all of them were closed. Then I found this and the opening was still starting. I created my character and i got in!!!! It was the happiest day of my life :). Now I did the first episode and had some laughs and got my best friend in it too. Unfortunatly we only got 3 episodes and there were alot of problems cuz I thought this thing was gonna be professional and stuff and a few weeks later I was attacked and annoyed by a person who shall not be named, blocking me…

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  • Hebola

    I'm all about that bass

    October 20, 2014 by Hebola

    No trouble

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  • BatmanTDI

    Total Drama: Red Carpet

    October 5, 2014 by BatmanTDI

    Alright, we have been trying our hardest for this to happen, and we WANT it to happen. So, for our final try, we WILL be making this happen. Now, do not expect it fast, as this may take a while. In the comments, please leave your character information, and if you have signed up in the past, you don't have to leave as much, but just a little so we know who you are :).

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  • Courtney9876

    Meet The Campers!

    September 20, 2014 by Courtney9876

    Chris- Hello, Welcome to Total drama island! this is a show where 25 campers compete against each other to win...

    100,000 Dollars. Each day their will be  a challenge  and whatever team wins gets immunity,

    The losers, have to go to the campfire ceremony where one camper will get eliminated.

    Now, let's meet the first camper. -Suddenly someone is breathing on the back of Chris's neck. Oh, um, Here's  Jonathan...

    -Jonathan  So, were at some crappy summer camp instead of a big stage or something ,

    Chris- Um, Yup... Jonathan - Cool, That will be favorable for my math skills.

    Chris- Heres Ann!

    Ann- Uh, Whatever.

    -Meanwhile, Campers are- Jonathan

    Ann ,


    , Ruth

    ,  Paul,


    , Jerry

    , Ben,






    , Marie,





    , …

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  • Courtney9876

    Total Drama Miko Island

    September 17, 2014 by Courtney9876

    I am making a roleplay called Total drama Miko Island, Rules, No Swearing,  Nothing Inapropiatte, Please listen.  You must Write your characters name, Personality, and apperance. Thank you

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  • Courtney9876


    September 17, 2014 by Courtney9876

    I'm gonna make my own roleplay, post your charachter below

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  • ChunkyChipackers

    The Cast of Season 10

    September 15, 2014 by ChunkyChipackers

    As you may or may not know, season ten of the roleplay is being rebooted, and is under new management, me! I'll be making a lot of the decisions, including casting, challenges, roleplay dates, etc. I'll also be making the character designs. The new cast will be a total of 12 to 14 characters, still undetermined.

    • We will most likely not be roleplaying on chat anymore, due to inconveniences including;
      • Inability for all roleplayers to be online at the same time.
      • There are other users who interrupt the roleplay.
      • There are too many people on chat and it causes confusion with the roleplay.
    • The theme of the roleplay is subject to change.
    • All accepted characters will get a full body drawing of the character by me.
    • Users such as DimensionBro567 will not b…

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  • DimensionBro567

    Katie and Sadie BFF's

    September 2, 2014 by DimensionBro567

    I was gonna make a torture plan for Celine but...

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  • DimensionBro567

    Dylan's Dream

    September 2, 2014 by DimensionBro567

    Well umm...... alot of things as happened before I have made another blog. Cuz of some stupid mentally ill user who seems to have no life. His/her name will not be mentioned....

    I seem to have alot of 7's.....

    Leave some suggestions down below. BE THE FIRST! or whatever....

    Episode 3: Dylan's Dream

    Cast: Dylan, Derek, Daniel, Scarlett, Nichole, Mike, Tyler, Unknown Peeps)

    Dylan: UGH! We lost another callenge. -_- Who sould we vote off Kered? I mean Derek.

    Derek: IDK. Maybe Jabba the Hut??

    Dylan: OK Cool.

    Daniel: Good decisisisisisisision!

    {Elimination Ceremony]

    Chris: And te person who will be eliminated is...... FGNDFJDNISJ!

    Dylan: But we voted for GDMJIMMSON!

    Chris: Bruh, this is the dream world. Anything can happen here.

    Dylan: Mkay.... wait which m…

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  • Niksdorfv

    18th Haylay 

    17th Nichole 

    16th Coco 

    15th Xander and Phoebe 

    14th Alyssa 

    13th Derek 

    12th Kai 

    11th Trey 

    10th Rosie 

    9th Clementine  

    Nichole is back and its a merge

    8th Daniel 

    7th Dany

    6th Ally 

    5th Eggbert

    4th Dylan

    3rd Blanca 

    2nd Nichole 

    1st Marco 

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  • DimensionBro567

    So I got a 7 and a -7 on my last blog so I guess I'm gonna make another one. :/

    Leave suggestions down below

    Episode 2: Dancy Dany! (and friends)

    (Cast: Dany, Anne Maria, EggBert, Dylan, Nichole)

    --This one is for you ChunkyChipackers :3--

    Dany:*sets up camera* Hey all you cool kats! I'm gonna show you how dance like a pro! With me! Dancy Dany!!!

    Dylan: You remind me of Mabel from Gravity Falls.... I love Gravity Falls.

    EggBert: 1. You spelled cat wrong -_- 2. Dylan.... know one cares.

    Dylan:*puts up the middle finger* How did you know Dany spelled cat wrong she said it not spelled it. :/

    EggBert: CUZ I JUST FRICKIN KNOW!!! (conf) Idiots...

    Dany: Eggy! Dyan! Maria! Stop arguing and start your disco skills!

    EggBert: Dont you dare call me Eggy again... …

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  • DimensionBro567


    So umm, I just wanna belong in this Total Drama Wiki, so I wanna make a blog :3

    I was thinking of making personal backround Total Drama Shorts :P

    Leave some suggestions down below :3

    Episode 1: 1 Head is Better Than 2

    (Cast: Scarlett, Max, Lindsay)

    Scarlett: Hey Max! What are you building?

    Max: PFF It's none of your concern, side-kick, just fetch me some orange juice please.

    Scarlett: *rolls eyes* But I hear new evil scientists tell there side-kick what there building.

    Max: UGH! Fine I guess I could you could be my test subject. I'm making a Body Switcher!!! If you get in the machine with 2 people you will switch bodies!!

    Scarlett: *sarcastically* Wow your so smart!

    Max: Duh -_- Tell me something I don't know.

    Scarlett: conf (LOL Like I'm gonna …

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  • Moey5

    Mike's POV:

     It's the next day and I'm about to meet Zoey at the park untill I my phone beeps I got a text message from Zoey! It reads  Hi Mike it's I can't make it today something came up I'll talk to you later k? What?! She blows me off mintues before we meet up somethings up. Zoey would never blow me off would she? I call and it rings and rings and rings and rings then goes to voicemail. I leave a message then I hang up something is not right here. Should I still go? I don't want to wait there for hours who knows maybe it was her texting me.

    Zoey's POV:

     "Where is my Phone!!" Ugh! I wake up one morning ready to go meet up with mike the next thing I know poof! Phones gone. "Mom,Did anyone break in last night?!" I yell. " Honey did you even t…

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  • GODuncan

    Okay, season opener, I'm excited. They all get out of the bus and start interacting. The guys of the future Psychotic Actors start playing football. Then they all fall into a big hole in the ground. Wow.  They gotta escape it by climbing or walking out, most of the contestants use the smart way, but some DerekClementine climbed out. Alyssa was shown to be popular with everyone. Daniel walks out with Dany after he fails to climb.Everyone is out except Hayley, Phoebe, and Rosie. Derek climbs back down to carry Rosie up and out. Phoebe gets out before Hayley and her the Crazed Directors win. Some people start to express their dislike for EggBert, and Marco and Alyssa start becoming friendly. Daniel offers to help Derek get Rosie, right before…

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  • GODuncan

    Winner: Psychotic Actors

    Theme: Sports

    LOW: Marco

    Eliminated: Entran

    What are your predictions? List them below in the comments!

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  • BatmanTDI

    Okay, so I'm not going to ramble on and just get to the point. I don't know every characters personality, and either do you. I read them all at a point, but I can't remember them all. So in the comments simply put this:

    Brief Summery: This can be one sentence. Just quick state what the character is like.

    Example: Sally Sue is a nice and smart girl, who wants to go on with honor and integrity.

    Don't be generic and boring, but you get the point.

    Introduction: You guys will probably be on a bus or trailer, and when I say your name I'll say something brief.

    Example: Sweet and caring honest player, Sally Sue!

    Again, don't be generic. However, if your character is basically a secret antagonist (Note that in chat, every user will find out, and if it wasnt …

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  • Moey5

    After all the fighting between two twins one of them have affection for another Player.

    Samey's POV:

    After being shot out of a cannon with Amy she plans to do something evil to me I'm Scared. Right now  I'm trying to watch the reruns Pahkitew island cheering for Jasmine when Amy kicks down my door. "Samey! Oh my gosh whats wrong with you!" From there she just keeps blabing and blabing and blabing. " Gosh Samey, why can't you just be normal for once in your life!" and with that she slams the door shut. After that I turn off the TV and climb onto my bed and lay down hugging my knees close to my chest. I feel like crying but I don't. I try to wonder why Amy really hated me. After thinking for not very long I turn the TV back on and I see that i…

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  • Niksdorfv

    This is a re-do of the worst season in all the TD sieries. 


    • The Camera is showing everybody beloved host Chris Mc.Lean 

    "Hello everybody, and welcome to Total Drama All Stars! Its an all new season with the most loved contestants ever, meet our favorite All Stars!" , said Chris and showed all of the cast on the chopper. Then, Chris took a remote out of his shorts and pressed a button which made the helicopter break and all of the campers started to fall. 

    "This is highly scary!!!" , screamed Cameron until Jo punched hm in the air 

    "Get out of the way braniac!"  said Jo fallin down to camp Wawanakwa. 

    "I WILL CALL MY LAWYER, AND YOU WON"T HAVE A JOB CHRIS" Shouted Courtney and landed in the water, so did everybody els…

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  • Moey5

    Mike's POV

    It's only been 5 mintues after Zoey hung up and I'm in shock. "Did she really say yes?" It's very hard to belive but she did say yes! After my little happy dance I fall down on my bed to think about what will happen tomorrow. " I really hope I don't screw this up.. What if I do? What if my personalites come back!? Thinking of all that could happen makes me want to cancel but not now. Not while me and Zoey could maybe get somewhere! Your not messing this up Mike!

    Zoey's POV 

    "Oh My Gosh! I can't belive he really asked me out!" Well not really just to go to the park.. Calm down Zoey It's not like this is the first time right?! Or is it? Stop acting so cocky Zoey your just going out with Mike sweet, Dark haired, cute Mike...."Ugh! Zoe…

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  • Moey5


    August 13, 2014 by Moey5

    Ok you might click on this and say.. "Wut?!" The only thing i want to say is that for my fan fic i will be changing them because I felt like they were kinda boring. so yay...thats it stay cool c:


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  • Moey5

    The story of 2 people from diffrent seasons come together to form a very unlikly relationship.

    After he hair being burnt and her dignity gone Staci is now doing what she loves to do best.. talk about her family origin!

    Staci: So um yay My great great grandpa invented forks before that everyone just ate with there hands and...

    ( Beeep )

    Staci: Hello?...Hello???!

    Staci: Oh well I guess I'll just go on a walk..or somthing.

    Staci goes outside and starts for a walk, she later gets bored and sits under a tree she starts to think about why she really got kicked off TDRTI. Untill she gets a text from her mom to go to the store.

    Staci: Guess I'll b going somewhere today then.

    She then bumps into someone whil ewalking to the store

    Staci: OMG!

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  • Moey5

    After the end of Season 4 , Revenge of the islands everone goes home to carry on there normel lives.... or do they?

    After a long journey home Zoey finally makes it home where her family waits for her.

    They hug her and laugh together untill Zoey Heads into her room and her cell rings.

    00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)00:57, August 8, 2014 (UTC)

    Zoey: Hello?

    Mike: Hello? Oh Zoey Hi!  

    Zoey: Mike! Hows it going?

    Mike: Um it's Good I was just maybe w…

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  • GODuncan

    Okay, not much to say about this episode. The Contestants are forced in pairs. They each roll in balls doing obstacle courses. Scarlett and Beardo finish the first 2 obstacles first, but Beardo passed out and they rolled back down, giving Scott and Zoey the win. Zoey gave the prizes to everyone. The ceremony happened, Anne Maria was finally eliminated 4-2

    MVP of the Episode: Scott

    Honorable Mention for MVP: Zoey

    Overall Episode Rating: 2/10

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  • Rocky LXIX

    Okay. so of all the users around here. Say you have kids, and you have to go to work, so you hire a babysitter. Well, which user would you trust the MOST and which would you trust the LEAST? Discuss.

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  • GODuncan

    Okay, this episode was the merge. Zoey felt bad for Duncan's elimination while Scarlett was happy. The challenge was to stay on a pole and throw apples to knock over other contestants. Beardo dropped fast. Then Everyone Ganged up on Jo. Amy also got ganged up on, Dave fell, and soon after Scott threw the challenge. Zoey and Harold kept throwing at Anne Maria, eventually she fell. Scarlett vs Zoey vs Harold. After about 10 minutes when nobody was throwing. The three friends were having hard time who to hit. Scarlett couldnt hit either of her friends so she gave each an apple and jumped off the pole, wishing them good luck. Zoey and Harold both threw apples at each other and they both fell off, resulting in a double win. In they ceremony no …

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  • GODuncan

    Okay, The episode starts off as Chris tells them the challenge, Climb up a mountain and light a fire. I thought that with Jo and Duncan, Team Jo is automatically gonna win again. Team Jo starts and has a huge lead against Team Scott, Scarlett and Zoey save each other many times,  but a huge blizzard forces Team Jo into a cave. Scarlett has an idea which involves rope, so Jo climbs down and comes back with it. Team Jo starts climbing with the rope, but soon after the challenge is ended because Team Scott lit the fire. A Team Jo alliance target's someone, and in the ceremony Beardo an Duncan are LOW. In a 5-1 vote Duncan is sent packing, but not before he dumps icy water on Scarlett's head.

    Overall Score For Team Jo: 8/10

    Overall Score for Tea…

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  • GODuncan

    Okay, this was one of the best episodes this season. The challenge was the same challenge that happens every season......hide from Chef. Team Scott, scattered every where were all discussing the people to vote off. Then the challenge started. At first, it looked like a close match, the teams were booth losing competitors at the same time, then Team Scott kept losing members. Duncan and Lindsay finally had an interaction since the team switch, which costed them both the challenge. At the end, Dave was found in the icy waters and lost it for Team Scott. and Team Jo, with members Harold, Jo, and Scarlett still not found yet, won again. The ceremony ended in 2-2 tie between Anne and Lindsay. In the revote Anne was voted off.............but she…

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  • SteelWolf

    Well, let's skip the intro and begin.

    Alejandro Alejandro is sort of a rollercoaster. For me, his best season was World Tour where he showed a genuine side, and he could build friendships. He seems to be the player. Heather, Bridgette, Lindsay, dang. Him returning in TDI and coming back to win was really great.

    Amy I find Amy very underrated, she was a fighter in the game and fought for Max, at the final four, she fought and it was sure to insure a tie but she got eliminated. She was shown to be manipulative at times, but kept it as a secret.

    Anne Maria I play Anne Maria and have a fun time doing it, I tried to make her funny but adding on plot. I personally think she's one of my best characters and very underrated. Like Amy, she secretly backs…

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  • BatmanTDI

    Spoiler* Contains slight spoilers of the TDPI personality's, nothing major. Please, don't spoil in coments. *Spoiler*

    Okay, with Total Drama Pahkitew Island coming out, we have been discovering that these characters are not all what they appear. But that's fine because...... WE MADE THE CHARACTERS THE WAY WE WANTED TO! We can't change them because that is who they are in The Our Total Drama Roleplay.

    Max is gonna stay the antagonist.

    Amy and Samey arnt gonna have a huge conflict.

    Dave is gonna be sarcastic.

    Sugar isnt gonna be in beauty pageants.

    Beardo is gonna be................ less weird.

    Scarlett is gonna be a weaker nerd.

    Sky is gonna be less crazy.

    Jasmine isnt gonna talk that much.

    Leonard will pretty much be the same.

    Topher isnt gonna love …

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  • GODuncan

    Okay, this episode was way better than the last. The challenge was easy to godplay in, and very few people did. The pairs were: Scarlett and Zoey, Jo and Duncan, Beardo and Harold, Amy and Lindsay, Leshawna and Anne Maria, and Scott and Dave. Each pair had good interactions. Dave started talking back to Scott, Scott resumed his evil ways, Jo used Duncan as a decoy to beat up Chef, and Amy and Lindsay were incompatible. Team Jo won again. And Leshawna and Anne Maria blamed each other for the loss, now the bottom 2 is obvious. It was right, a 3-1 vote looked like Anne was going, but Leshawna got 2 more votes, Tying it. Then again the tie breaker was another tie, then the third  time Leshawna got voted off 3-1. 

    Overall Score for Team Jo: 7/10…

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  • GODuncan

    Okay, listed below are all the contestants that never merged. each few days, the one with the lowest votes is eliminated, it will continue until only one remains.

    Okay, Rodney got eliminated! Now Round 2 STARTS NOW.

    Okay, DJ, Topher, and Lightning advance, the Tie breaker Round STARTS NOW

    Okay, In the tie breaker round...........Staci and Sam advance, leaving leonard with 6th place!

    Okay,Round 4 Starts NOW!

    Okay, DJ just got eliminated, leaving him in 5th,  ROUND 5 STARTS NOW

    Okay, Sam is eliminated, leaving him 4th, FINAL 3 STARTS NOW

    After a good run, Lightning gets 3rd, FINALE STARTS NOW

    AND IN A UNANIMOUS VOTE, THE BEST UNDERDOG IS...........................................................STACI, 







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  • GODuncan

    Okay, this episode was very interesting. The second episode after the big team switch. I feel since 3 teams merged into 2, We would get more conflicts, friendships, and alliances. The only conflict I saw was the Amy and Anne Maria conflict. But I like how Duncan and Jo are taking charge as the leaders of Team Jo. The challenge had a lot of godplay.....and i mean a lot. But in the end the bigger godplayers that episode won.....Team Jo. The elimination ceremony was unpredictable. The votes were all scattered. 4 of the 8 members got votes. 1 vote Dave, 1 vote Anne Maria, 2 votes Leshawna.......and 3 votes for...........Mike! Well, that killed the purpose of bringing back Mal. 

    Overall Score for Team Jo: 7/10 

    Overall Score for Team Scott 5/10 


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  • BatmanTDI

    Welcome to the final week, were Rj3ful1 and Drfizwuz997xlol will battle out for the win. Now, this week, every sing point you earned in the game so far, will add to your final score! And the person with the most, wins!

    • Rj3ful1
    • Drfizwuz997xlol
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  • BatmanTDI

    Welcome back after our hiatus! With OMGitsGARRET quitting, we have our final three! And the week stars now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • Owen Hardy
    • Rj3ful1
    • Drfizwuz997xlol

    User:ToasterSnifferBreadisGoodToasterSnifferBreadisGood left the computation with 14 points and now has............. 54 points! User:ToasterSnifferBreadisGoodToasterSnifferBreadisGood is now in fourth place in the At Home Challenge!

    User:Ultra98Ultra98 left the computation with 0 points and now has............. 7 points! User:Ultra98Ultra98 is now in fifth place at the At Home Challenge!

    User:Gary the Gaget DudeGary the Gaget Dude left the computation with 1 point and now has............. 1 points! User:Gary the Gaget DudeGary the Gaget Dude is now in sixth place in the At Home Challe…

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  • Ultra98

    Final 9 of TDSS

    June 10, 2014 by Ultra98

    Okay TDSS has already begun And some of the Superstars have made it to the finale before. However 9 of the contestants haven't made it to the finale before. These people are Duncan, Lindsay, Mike, Scott, Amy, Max, Beardo, Dave, and Scarlett. Everyone else in the competition has made it to the finale before. I want to know what you think if this group of contestants becomes the Final 9 of Total Drama Superstars, or if you wanna see some previous finalists in the Final 9.

    Who supports these guys as the Final 9 of TDSS????

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  • SteelWolf

    What team will place first?:

    What team will place second?:

    What team will come in last?:

    Who will be voted off?:

    How much votes will they receive?:

    Who will not show up for the roleplay?:

    Who will not give a confessional?:

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  • XxSolarEclipsexX

    I'm not too familiar with Edgics, but I felt like making one for this season. Let's hope this turns out well. If you have any suggestions or changes that should be made, please comment below.

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  • ChunkyChipackers

    Oc Requests~

    June 6, 2014 by ChunkyChipackers

    FOR THE TENTH SEASON ONLY. Females only. if i already made an oc for you in the past, i can fix it up for you, but i won't make another.

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  • SteelWolf

    Hayley: Ahem, I think you producers would really need someone like me. I'm-

    (A crashing sound is heard)

    Hayley: Ugh, now what is it? Something I don't really care about. *rolls eyes* I have a giant shot of winning. Pretty sure I'll be surrounded my usual. So pick me!

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  • ToasterSnifferBreadisGood
    • camera pans to show a room full of action figures,and a poster of Jiggypuff.*a boy pops out at the camera* Hello nitwits...aka Producers of Total Drama you might wonder why such a dashing, beautiful genius like myself is auditioning..  well cause I know I can outsmart these numskulls..I am Eggbeater...Er..EggHead...I MEAN Eggbert future winner of Total Drama Season 10! *screen flashes to black*

    Conf: Woah these idiots are stupider then I could have ever pondered.. Might be easy then I thought >:D

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  • ChunkyChipackers

    Now that we know the true shiz about the characters, why not redo the season? Comment your thoughts and whether you SUPPORT or OPPOSE in the comments! Ends June 5, 2014.

    1. ChunkyChipackers
    2. Rj3ful1
    3. GODuncan
    4. toaster boi
    5. mabel da hoe


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  • BatmanTDI

    Well, we have gone through eight seasons, and are about to start our ninth. That's pretty good if I say so myself. Now, normally these blogs wouldn't come out until the season before it has at least started, but we need to get a whole cast of Original Characters done! Now, this is NOT the suggestion blog. We have not picked a location, theme or even the title of the dang season, so save your suggestions for when we post the suggestions blog.

    So, I bet a lot of you skipped my intro and came here. So, here I will explain what you need to put for your character!

    Name:Okay, pretty easy, what is your characters name?

    Age:Your gonna be sixteen, this is honestly just my way to see who read this. So put 16.

    Role:Okay, this one I'll take the time to te…

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  • ToasterSnifferBreadisGood

    These are five people who could benfit from being early outs (plot wise) 

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