Team Golden Champs
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Episodes Competed 10
Seasons Competed 2
Eliminated TDA: Total Drama Musical

TDU: Every Chef Needs An Amy.

Place TDA: 7th

TDU: 10th

Friends Lindsay, Bridgette, Duncan, Cody, Geoff, Brick, Jasmine, Sadie
Enemies Courtney, Izzy, Owen, Staci, DJ, Sam, Jo
Played By GODuncan

Total Drama UnderdogsEdit

Blaineley was happy she got another season, so she tried hard, she was upset when her key didnt fit, on the next challenge she was the first one to score a point on her team. She was the first to jump off the building and got a puzzle for her team. She started a fierce rivalry with DJ, they were beating each other up fot an entire episode. Blaineley continued bwing useful in challenges, however she was LOW in every ceremony. In Every Chef Needs An Amy. She got out first in the challenge. In the ceremony the votes were tied and Blaineley lost the tiebreaker, leaving her 10th place and the 3rd last member on Team Golden Champs. She is mentioned the next episode by Jasmine, Sadie, Sierra, and Jo.


Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour (peanut gallery)

Total Drama Underdogs


  • Blaineley was the only underdog to merge before Total Drama: Underdogs
  • She was the first person to debut in a season she wasnt originally in.
  • She is the oldest contestant.