• Heather, Noah, Gwen, Beth, Harold and Sadie (ended when Heather was booted)
  • Geoff, Cody, Duncan, DJ, Trent, and Noah (ended when Duncan and DJ was booted)
  • Geoff, Cody and Gwen (ended when Geoff was booted)
  • Alejandro and Gwen (made final 2)
  • Gwen, Katie and Sadie (ended when Katie was booted)


  • Harold,Courtney,Izzy and Noah (ended when Izzy got the boot)
  • Cody and Duncan (ended when Cody got the boot)
  • Cody and Alejandro (ended when Alejandro got the boot)
  • Bridgette and Lindsay (Ended when Bridgette was botted)
  • Lindsay and Duncan (Ended when Lindsay was botted)
  • Harold and Duncan (ended when Duncan got the boot)
  • Harold and Courtney (made final 2)


  • Heather, Noah, and Harold (ended when Harold was booted)
  • Owen, Alejandro and Cody (ended when Owen was booted)
  • Geoff, Alejandro, Courtney, Tyler, Leshawna (ended when Tyler was booted) (also known as Team Anti Social Perfection)
  • Leshawna and Gwen (Ended when Gwen got the bott)
  • Heather and Courtney (Ended when Team Anti Social Perfection happened)


  • Mike, Dawn, Lightning, and Cameron (ended when Mike was booted)
  • Brick, Jo, Dakota, Anne Maria, and Scott (alliance back-stabbed Jo and made final 4)
  • Sam and B (Ended when B was botted)


  • Alejandro, Scott, Courtney, Brick (all merged and went separate ways)
  • Mike, Bridgette, Dawn, Cameron(ended when Cameron was eliminated, and Dawn and Bridgette stopped trusting Mike)
  • Bridgette, Lindsay, Dakota (ended in final five)
  • Courtney and Dakota (final two)
  • Lindsay and Courtney
  • Mal and Courtney


  • Amy, Max, Beardo, Shawn, Scarlett (Ended when Beardo was eliminated.)
  • Amy, Sugar, Samey, Ella, Scarlett (Ended when Ella was eliminated)
  • Sugar, Samey, Max, Shawn, and Scarlett (Final 5)


  • Sky, Jo, Zoey, Owen, and Jasmine (Ended when Jo, Zoey, and Owen became the final 3)
  • Jasmine, Sadie, Blaineley (Ended when Blaineley was eliminated)
  • Sadie and Trent (ended when Sadie backstabbed Trent)


  • Duncan, Lightning, Dave, and Shawn
  • Gwen, Beth, Samey, Lightning, and Katie
  • Max, Geoff, Amy, Sugar, Izzy, and Beardo


  • Beardo Scarlett Max Dave (ended after team switch)
  • Scarlett, Scott, Zoey, Dave, Beardo, Harold (final 6)